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AR Party Planner - Cannes Lions 2019

Google has entrusted Biborg with an interactive campaign to promote a new YouTube Augmented Reality (AR) Try On feature that was announced during the Cannes Lions 2019. This innovation will undoubtedly make an impact on the marketing world, connecting brands with their audience in a whole new way, bridging the gap between video creators and viewers and ultimately unlock a deeper level of engagement for brands.


What if creators could be even more influential? We follow them, we watch their videos, we listen to their tips, but what if we could also be a part of the experience? YouTube’s new AR Try on feature allows users to try out products while they watch. To introduce the new feature at Cannes Lions 2019, Google collaborated with Biborg who created a fun and memorable installation that was present at the Google Beach for the duration of the event. The experience was driven by the story of a fictional creator, Lou - a young, dynamic, self-confident Creative Director.

Combining video with Augmented Reality is something extremely new and intriguing. Our collaboration with Biborg has been an exciting journey to bring this vision to life for the Cannes Lions festival.

Matthieu Lorrain, Global Head of Creative, AR for Brands, Google

In “AR Party Planner”, Lou takes us through her experience at the festival and her preparations for an exclusive party. Lou’s story not only demonstrates the myriad benefits the new tool offers, but it's also engaging, fun, and especially relatable for anyone who's been to a big Lions party. As Lou carries out her makeup and accessory choices, corresponding AR filters appear below the video so viewers, facing the Google Pixel 3 phone camera, can test them out virtually - lipstick, sunglasses, caps, piercings. In addition to facial filters, the experience also uses background segmentation to transport viewers to different environments where they become the hero. Inspired by cultural touchpoints and styles, the backgrounds include: a sci-fi 50’s film, a punk rock band poster and an urban street art wall.


Visitors could leave the experience with a photo they can share with friends and a whole new outlook on the future of communicating with influencers and brands.

Having the opportunity to work with the upcoming technology of AR on YouTube was exciting and we were surprised by the quality and fidelity of the face tracking. The combination of simultaneous video content and AR experience on a platform like YouTube is opening new possibilities we are eager to explore!

Alain Puget, Chief Innovation Officer, Biborg

Through Google and Biborg’s storytelling, brands can envision how this new companion to YouTube videos will help them create personalised, branded experiences for their target audience.

Working with Google’s AR/VR teams on this project has been incredible. The passion and dedication of Matthieu, Kevin, Katie, Teddi and all the people involved on this project has really pushed us to create the best experience we could. Seeing the laughs, smiles and overall positive reactions in Cannes during the Lions was the best reward for us! The potential on YouTube is immense and we cannot wait to work on some really cool AR Try Ons with our clients and YouTube’s teams.

Kais Ali Benali, UK Managing Director, Biborg