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Better Call Saul S2

In early February, Jimmy McGill, the notorious criminal lawyer from Breaking Bad returns for the second season of Better Call Saul. To make this new launch impossible to miss, Netflix entrusted Biborg to create a contextualised campaign to bring the show to life. To do so Biborg made the most of programmatic advertising by multiplying ads through every channel and every topic possible.

The idea : wherever you are, whatever you’re trying to watch on the Internet, Jimmy Mc Gill is ready to pop up and give his own precious advice.

A number of billboard trueviews were created to match with all kinds of topics : beauty, food, sports, movies, pets. Over 40 personalised messages were dispatched over the internet through different channels with more than 20 themed messages for billboard trueviews, according to the top 10 most searched topics on YouTube. To make Jimmy’s presence even more inevitable, video skins were created on Yahoo, WeTransfer and Gmail. Just to make sure you wouldn’t miss his tips in the workplace!

And if you were procrastinating on social media Jimmy was also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with personalised messages, relatable to all users. On top of that, there was also had Bob Odenkirk, the actor playing Jimmy Mc Gill, recording a special message addressing the people attending the French Agricultural show in Paris.